When you’re not cooking for a party of fifteen, you still shouldn’t be limited in what you get to use in the kitchen. Interestingly, the 2-quart size is not commonly found on the market, but here we are. You’re welcome, small-cozy-dinner friends.

  • Perfect for 1-2 persons, also a good travel helper.
  • Replaces 7 kitchen tools in 1, uses it as pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, saute pan, yogurt maker etc. Even could cook eggs.
  • Features 13 smart cooking programs: Rice, Soup, Yogurt, Bake, Steam etc, even a child could be a chef.
  • Up to 24 hours delay time and keep warm up to 24 hours, enjoy delicious meal at any time.
  • 9 safety mechanisms and ETL, FCC and FDA approved, safety is always priority.

How To

Product Description


Unique Pressure Release Button


7-in-1 Kitchen Appliance for Multi Use


Custom Cooking Time with Less, Normal, More Choice


Easy-Clean & Removable Lid


Easy Access Lid Whether You're Right or Left Handed


Thermolytic Button to dissipate heat


Tasteful R&D with Every Generation


Full Equipped to Begin Cooking

Technical Specifications

               Power                                                       Power supply:                       120V/60Hz                 

                                                                                 Rated power:                         720W


               Measurement                                           Volume:                                 2QT                   

                                                                                 Weight:                                  7.8 pounds                   

                                                                                 Dimensions:                          10x11x11 inches


               Included                                                    Silicone ring, Glass lid, Steamer rack,

                                                                                  Ladle, Rice spoon,  Meausuring cup