Brewing any good drink is an art, but don’t let the effort of it drain your time and effort! In just minutes, Cosori’s updated yet traditional French Press makes a finely extracted sip-ready cup (8 cups, to be exact).

  • The capacity of French coffee press is 8-cup, 34-ounce (1000ml); perfect to make fresh French coffee, tea, espresso or even cold brew.
  • Features 4-level filtaration, uses the plunger to operate a double stainless steel screen filter. The spring-loaded base plate seals the edges, allowing the press to filter out sludge and coffee grounds.
  • All parts are dishwasher-safe; the glass carafe and filters can be taken out with easy disassembly.
  • Comes with 2 coffee stirrers, 1 measuring spoon, and 1 café spoon for your convenience; 2 extra mesh filters included as replacement parts.
  • The high-quality and heat-resistant borosilicate glass carafe is framed by a durable shell of 304 grade stainless steel ( NO PLASTIC) ; BPA free plastic handle; FDA approved.


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Product Description


Quality is in the Taste

A double mesh filter ensures that you get all of the flavor without tasting any bitter coffee grounds. And by allowing your coffee grounds to steep before pressing, you’ll get to experience a full-bodied flavor unlike any other





Pour. Stir. Press

Brewing any good drink is an art, but don’t let the effort of it drain your time and energy! Just add water to your favorite coffee grounds or tea leaves, stir the mixture, and press down to extract your favorite beverage






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Tastefully Packaged

Techinical Specification

               Power                                                       Power supply:                        120V/60Hz                 



               Measurement                                           Volume:                                 8 Cup 34 Oz                  

                                                                                 Weight:                                   2.4 pounds                   

                                                                                 Dimensions:                           6.18 x 4.45 x 9.21 inches


               Included                                                    2 coffee stirrers, 1 measuring spoon,

                                                                                 1 café spoon, 2 extra mesh filters